The Generosity Project

The Generosity Project

What does the Bible teach us about generosity?
What stops us from being generous?
How can we grow in generosity together even when we’re feeling stretched?

Introducing a new resource...

The Generosity Project, by Tony Payne and Geoff Robson, is a new book and video-based small group resource that gives us a biblical framework for being God’s big-hearted people, reflecting his generosity both personally and in the culture of our church. 

On the website:

  • more details about the course
  • free session videos
  • free notes for pastors
  • free notes for group leaders
  • an article on whether a pandemic is the right time for using The Generosity Project
  • links to order the book in Australia, the UK and USA.

    generosity project website

    Far more than money...

    In Christian circles, ‘generosity’ is often code for giving money. But generosity is about far more than money. God is lavishly generous towards us in a thousand ways, most of all in the grace of the gospel. God’s powerful generosity through the gospel not only saves us but also sets us free to live a new, big-hearted life—a life no longer turned inwards on ourselves but that flows out to others with an open, generous hand. 

    Watch, learn and grow together...

    The Generosity Project is a set of resources to help you discover and live this new, generous life. Through this book and its free online videos, you’ll work with a small group of other Christians to engage with what the Bible says about generosity, read or watch input from leading pastor-teachers, and work out what it all means in practice in your life.

    Marty Sweeney

    Marty started Matthias Media in North America in 2006. Previously he was a full-time pastor and since then he has returned to pastoral ministry (part-time). He oversees an apprenticeship program and small groups at Old North Church. He lives in Poland, OH with his wife Abby and their four children (and a standard poodle named Theophilus). He is the co-author of The Small Group and the Vine (with Tony Payne).

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