Donate / Support our ministry

Our goal is to encourage Christian leaders to think biblically about ministry and to provide practical resources that help all Christians do ministry (i.e. be disciple-makers). (Read more about our mission.)

This unique focus as a publisher is much tougher than pumping out the latest best-selling books written by a smallish group of well-known Christian leaders. We regularly struggle with our finances. So, if you appreciate what we do, we’d love your support in any or all of the following ways:

1. Pray for us

We'd be very grateful for your prayers—above all that we will be faithful to the Lord not only in the priorities we set but also in the way we carry out our ministry. Pray that the resources we produce might indeed be useful for making disciples.

2. Donate

If you can support us by donating to our ministry, we think we have a good track record of squeezing a lot of kingdom value from the financial resources the Lord gives us.

Our US ministry is  a registered deductible 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and donations help us and also help to provide free books and ministry resources to pastors in the developing world.

Until we get our donation form up and running on our new website, please call us to make a donation: 1 866 407 4530 (or +1 330 953 1702)

3. Recommend us

You can help us by recommending our resources to others (e.g. in personal conversations, by passing on Matthias Media emails, or sharing social media posts) or, better still, by giving someone a gift of our books or resources. This way you get great resources into people’s hands so we can make disciples together; you enjoy the blessedness of giving; and you support Matthias Media by buying direct from us. Could you think of someone to do this for today?

4. Be a customer that cares

As best we can, we try to cover our operating costs through sales of resources, and so we set what we believe to be reasonable prices that we hope will allow us to both meet our financial obligations to staff and suppliers and to invest in new resources. But we also try to have a generous spirit as we conduct our ministry. Please keep these things in mind if you are considering copying resources rather than buying all you need.