Small Group Bible study series

Whether you call them small groups, growth groups, community groups, or some other name, these groups are a cornerstone of church life and disciple-making.

If you are a small group leader, we have some excellent resources designed to equip you overseeing your group wisely and biblically (see Growth Groups, The Small Group and the Vine, and Being a Small Group Leader), as well as how to write your own Bible studies (Writing a Small Group Study). 

But we also have an extensive range of Bible study resources especially designed for use in small groups. Although there are some other Bible studies (see the main menu Bible Studies > Small groups for a complete listing), the two main series of small group Bible studies are the Interactive Bible Studies and the Pathway Bible Guides.


Interactive Bible Studies list

Interact with the Bible. Interact with each other. Interact with God.

We often describe Interactive Bible Studies as like taking a guided tour through an old city. You get to see the highlights, learn some background information and get given directions on what to explore next in your own time. They're studies designed to stimulate interaction with the Bible, with each other, and with your current thoughts and attitudes. And also with God as you talk to him about it all. Written by renowned and gifted bible teachers, Interactive Bible studies are halfway between a sermon and a set of study questions. While they provide excellent biblical input and direction; they also leave you to do much of the exploration.


Pathway Bible Guides list 

Not everyone has a secondary or tertiary education. Not everyone grew up speaking English. Not everyone has been developing their Bible reading skills for years. This is the thinking behind our range of Pathway Bible Guides. They are studies which are short and straightforward, and which use an uncomplicated vocabulary. Yet at the same time they are also studies that do justice to the passages being studied and model good Bible-reading principles. This series aims to provide simple, straightforward Bible study material for:

  • Christians who are new to studying the Bible (perhaps because they've been recently converted or because they have joined a Bible study group for the first time)
  • Christians who find other studies (such as the Interactive Bible Studies) too much of a stretch
  • Groups with limited time for study


    Accordingly, we've designed the studies to be short, straightforward and easy to use, with an uncomplicated vocabulary. At the same time, the studies do justice to the passages and model good Bible-reading principles. They are simple without being simplistic; no-nonsense without being no-content.



    The questions and answers assume a small group context, but can be easily adapted to suit different situations, such as individual study and one-to-one.


    Also, don’t forget our Six Steps series, which provides a tremendous mix of Bible study and practical training in key areas of ministry. These video-based programs are ideal for home groups too.