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Our goal is not simply to add to the annual tsunami of Christian books being published. Our goal is to partner with you and help you keep doing the vital task all Christians have of making and growing disciples of the Lord Jesus.

So what’s the key to us having a good disciple-making partnership? 


Honestly, we really can’t contribute much without some means of sharing tips, ideas, resources and encouragement with each other. And the main way we do that is through the weekly Matthias Media email and your replies (which we always read). 

We’ll point you to regular content on our blog from a wide variety of authors. But you’ll also hear direct from the Matthias Media leadership team.

So each week we will send you a personal email aiming to encourage you along in making disciples: passing on ideas and suggesting resources and ways to use them in pursuing that task.

By opening up these emails you’ll also be the first to hear about the latest new resources and exclusive special offers.

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Marty, Tony and Ian, have been thinking about, developing, publishing and using ministry resources for over 75 years. And they love learning from your thinking and experience too. 

So we hope you’ll be spurred on all the more as a disciple-making disciple by our weekly Matthias Media email, and that you’ll spur us on in turn. 

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