When going through challenging times, it’s vital that we keep immersing ourselves in God’s comforting word and keep growing our understanding of his character and purposes. These books and resources will draw you deep into Scripture and help you—and those you give them to—stay strong in the faith.

Sickness (by JC Ryle) — This 20-page booklet is so profoundly helpful in times marked by sickness that we have made the ebook free. If you read nothing else, read this!

Suffering Well (by Paul Grimmond) — Explore what God wants us to know about him and about our world when it comes to suffering. How should we live as God’s people in the face of suffering? What does it mean to suffer—and even die—well?

God Is Enough (by Ray Galea) — These reflections on ten psalms remind us of the many reasons we have to join with the psalmist in saying, "Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you."

Hope (by Bryson Smith) — With insight and humour, Bryson Smith unpacks what the Bible has to say about hope—what it is (and isn't), and how it comforts, challenges and directs us in our day-to-day lives as Christians. 

Healed at Last (by Scott Blackwell) — Many Christians make strong claims today about God's promising to heal all our physical illnesses. What are we to make of these claims? What does the Bible actually teach about healing?

And then there’s the basic disciplines of reading your Bible and praying...

Daily Reading Bible — Each of these booklets provide around 60 undated Bible readings. Each reading is designed to take around 15-20 minutes, and contains:

  • the full text of the Bible passage for that reading
  • some questions to get you thinking
  • some ‘points to ponder’ and
  • some ideas to get you started in prayer.

To get you started, you can download a free sample of 20 readings in 1 Peter, and 7 readings on the theme of 'present suffering'.

Growing in Prayer (by Stephen Shead) — What a key time and opportunity to be working on your prayer life as a Christian! This book is a four-week program of daily reflections for developing the habit of prayerful living. It also includes four Bible studies on prayer for individual or group use.

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