Update from our Ohio warehouse

Update from our Ohio warehouse

Update from our Ohio warehouse

I appreciate you caring about Matthias Media and work being done here. We are grateful for you and I want to do our part in keeping you up with how we are dealing with the current events. 

We're still operating

At this time, we are still receiving and shipping out orders daily. One person from our staff will still be here during our regular office hours to answer questions or process orders. And we are following the CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers.


made man being a small group later from here to eternity the thing is

  • Made Man - my friend Tim Raymond says this is his ‘go to’ book for discipling the people of his church
  • Being a Small Group Leader - though your group may not be meeting (or doing so digitally), use this time to reinforce and grow in your care and love of God’s people.*
  • From Here to Eternity - No book has challenged me more to set my hopes on the coming creation than this book. 
  • The Thing Is - Tony’s Payne’s short and accessible manifesto on the christian life. 

*This book’s author, Richard Sweatman, recently published a really helpful short piece on loving your group during this time  

Pray for us

As we continue to pray for Christians, churches, and ministry leaders in our various contexts through this time, can I ask that you pray for us?  I write this at the end of the first full week of what is being called ‘a nationwide shutdown,’ and our sales have dropped off significantly. While this is expected and understandable, we do want to make sure you know that we are still here to partner with you in making disciples.*


god is enough a foot in two worlds prayer and the voice of god making disciples

  • God is Enough - throughout the Psalms we are reminded that, indeed, God is enough. Think deeply about 11 Psalms. 
  • A Foot in Two Worlds - From a seasoned saint who speaks convictionally and encouragingly about growing in godliness. 
  • Prayer and the Voice of God - Though its sister book Guidance and the Voice of God is better known, I love this book that prompts me to a more robust and regular prayer life
  • Making Disciples - Work through the convictional foundations any disciple-making-disciple ought to have.

Ways to encourage one another

So, we encourage you to think about the ways your family can continue to feed on God’s word and biblically encourage one another. Consider ways to encourage your friends through email, video calls and texts. And as you wonder how you can help your brothers and sisters in Christ through this time, I ask that you consider letting us help you with our resources. Ordering from us directly will keep our operations going and will encourage us to keep going through this time. I really do appreciate your support.


We're here to help 

As I am sure you’ve heard many times, this is a great time to dwell richly on the truths of God’s Word. We want to help you in this as much as we are able. For this reason, I’ve put together a list of ‘hidden gems’ from the Matthias Media catalog. Books that I love but that haven’t received as much attention as some of our best-sellers. All these books are 50% off and available with free shipping.


everlasting god full of promise from sinner to saint wisdom in leadership


  • The Everlasting God - “Few minds have explored the depths of God’s revelation with such humble and innovative perception,” says Phillip Jenson of this book’s author.
  • Full of Promise - Learn how the entire Old Testament fits together as one great story about God.
  • From Sinner to Saint DVD Study - Though Chappo is well into his 70’s when this video was made, I had a youth pastor tell me that his kids were enthralled going through this course. Great for a weekly family study!
  • Wisdom in Leadership - what better time to dive into this thick but valuable book? As one Amazon review says “this is the best kept secret in ministry leadership"

      Free digital resources for you


      Here is a list of some of the free digital resources I mentioned in the video. Just email Marty (msweeney@matthiasmedia.com) or call our office (1-866-407-4530) to get a copy:

      Thank you for your support


      We will keep you up on any changes to our operations as they happen. And we promise to keep thinking with you on how we can make disciples together through this time. If you and your church are doing something that may be helpful to pass along to others, give us a call or send me an email, I’d love to hear about it and swap ideas.

      Marty Sweeney

      Marty started Matthias Media in North America in 2006. Previously he was a full-time pastor and since then he has returned to pastoral ministry (part-time). He oversees an apprenticeship program and small groups at Old North Church. He lives in Poland, OH with his wife Abby and their four children (and a standard poodle named Theophilus). He is the co-author of The Small Group and the Vine (with Tony Payne).

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