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I’ve read The Trellis and the Vine. Now what?

The Trellis and the VineIf you’re one of the tens of thousands of church leaders who have read The Trellis and the Vine and come away from it thinking “Yes, that expresses what I believe church ministry ought to be about”, you’re in the right place—this page is for you.

So… how’s the vine growing? How much progress have you made in transforming the culture of your church into a disciple-making one? Have you seen a surge of new disciple-making disciples being raised up and deployed?

Of course, moving a church in a gospel-driven, disciple-making direction isn’t easy.

Being a good Bible teaching church is a vital first step. But how do you ensure you’re a church full of good Bible learners? How do you pass the love of the word of God from the pulpit to the pews? How do attentive listeners to the word of God become prayerful, enthusiastic and opportunistic speakers of the word of God?

The Vine ProjectThe comprehensive roadmap for achieving that sort of change was set out in The Vine Project—the follow up book to The Trellis and the Vine. And many churches have pursued that project with vigour and rigour, and with encouraging results.

But maybe you’re not familiar with The Vine Project yet, and would love to know how it could help your church. Or perhaps you gave it a try, but you hit lots of roadblocks early on and progress stalled. Or maybe the innovations you tried just didn’t seem to work as you hoped, and now you’re not sure where to head next.

Wherever you and your church find yourselves, we’d love to offer you some help.

Help from Vinegrowers

VinegrowersThe members of our Vinegrowers team have years of experience in thinking about these issues and talking to pastors and other church leaders about them. They understand that there is no ‘program’ that’s going to turn your church culture around. They know church cultures don't work like that. They know it’s God and his gospel that transforms people and churches. Yet they also know there are resources and strategies which, under God, have helped many churches become far more effective in making disciples.

Vinegrowers offers a free 45-minute call with one of our team, during which you will receive a fresh and objective perspective on your current situation, and some clear and concrete recommendations for next steps on your journey to being a disciple-making church.

Beyond the initial free consultation, we do also offer ongoing coaching and consulting on a paid basis. However, our capacity to provide that continuing service is sufficiently limited that our goal is always to provide as much help as we can to as many churches as we can through the initial free call.

How to sign up for the free consultation

What’s involved?

(1) Send us an expression of interest using the form below.

(2) We will then send you a questionnaire to fill in and return to us, which helps us form a picture of where you, your church and your church culture are currently up to.

(3) Once we have reviewed your questionnaire responses, we will offer you some appointment times for your free consultation call. These calls will last from 45-60 minutes, and could be with just you, or with a small leadership team (of up to three people).

(4) At the conclusion of our call we will email you a written summary of our recommendations. We may also include information about any ongoing paid services we can provide as you continue on your change journey.

Why choose Vinegrowers?

We understand that there are multiple organisations and people these days who provide consulting services to churches, many with impressive expertise. So why would you choose to work with our Vinegrowers team?

The answer is short and simple: because our goal is to help you with a very specific implementation, that is, applying the principles you found yourself heartily agreeing with in The Trellis and the Vine.

Other consulting or coaching services will have their own ecclesiological goals and assumptions—whether conscious or unconscious (all too often the latter). We very intentionally work from the principles of The Trellis and the Vine.

Furthermore, because we work from the Matthias Media platform—a publishing ministry laser-focused on providing ministry resources purposely designed for implementing The Trellis and the Vine vision—we know the helpful resources that are available and how to make best use of them.

Please submit the form below to register your interest or to ask a question:

Vinegrowers—formerly an independent Australian ministry—is now a ministry conducted by Matthias Media (USA) and Matthias Media (Australia).