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How does the gospel of Jesus fit in with the entire Bible? What are the core beliefs every Christian should know?

Learn the Gospel, by Tony Payne, uses Two Ways to Live to explore these questions and deepen your understanding of the gospel. Although it is a book that can be read on your own, it is a ‘Learn Together’ book designed to work through in a small group. FREE online videos make this a rich learning experience.

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Two Ways to Live Resources


Two Ways to Live is a memorable summary of the Christian gospel.

In six simple points, without assuming any prior knowledge or understanding of biblical concepts, it conveys the key information the average person needs to understand in order to become a Christian. The handy pocket-sized 2021 version is available now alongside many other Two Ways Resources. Quantity discounts are available.

FREE RESOURCE | A simple way to share via text to a loved one, twowaystolive.com is a brief and logical presentation and provides all the foundations a non-Christian needs to know in order to become a Christian.



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