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The Matthias Media team 

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What is Matthias Media?

Matthias Media is a not-for-profit, evangelical publishing ministry which focuses on providing high-quality, biblical resources—resources for Outreach, Follow-up, Growth and Training.

What is our goal?

Our big goal as a ministry is to persuade all Christians of the truth of God's purposes in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, and equip them with high-quality resources, so that by the work of the Holy Spirit they will:

  • abandon their lives to the honor and service of Christ in daily holiness and decision-making
  • pray constantly in Christ's name for the fruitfulness and growth of his gospel
  • speak the Bible's life-changing word whenever and however they can—in the home, in the world and in the fellowship of his people.

Along with the key benefits listed above, our weekly emails include great reads and recommended tools for discipleship. You'll get the first one soon! I would be greatly encouraged if you would email me ( or call our office (1-866-407-4530) with any questions or to bounce ideas off of us (all of our staff members are actively involved in ministry at our local church).

If you haven't picked up a copy of Colin Marshall's Making Disciples that is the first resource we recommend starting with. The 8 studies will highlight the work of disciple-making as the very heart of the Bible’s vision for the life of God’s people. It will also help you see disciple-making as both an enormous privilege and an attainable goal.





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