Many families have never had more time together in the home. That comes with challenges, of course, but also provides fantastic opportunities to grow together and teach children when they aren’t tired or rushed. Here are some resources you can use in Christian family life.

Bible Reading With Your Kids (by Jon Nielson) — This book particularly addresses dads and encourages them to take seriously their role in teaching their children the Bible by reading it with them. It’s full of warm encouragement and practical wisdom.

For 1 to 4-year-olds

Books for Little Ones (by Stephanie Carmichael) — These delightful picture books teach little kids foundational truths about God, themselves, their world and the Bible. There are heaps of notes for parents to help teach the books, rather than just read them, and we have some videos and lesson plans available soon.

Teaching Little Ones — This Sunday School curriculum is for 2 to 8-year-olds. If your church uses this material on a Sunday, please let them know that we are happy for lessons to be shared with parents to use at home. 

For 5 to 12-year-olds

Who will be king? Activity Book — This activity book has puzzles, quizzes and codes, and engages kids with the heart of the gospel message (based on the Who will be king? gospel tract). It will keep kids busy for… well, that depends on how carefully they do things.

Short Steps for Long Gains: Family edition (by Simon Manchester) — This booklet contains 26 short Bible studies for families (starting with A for Alive and finishing with Z for Zeal), with a quote from a Bible verse and seven questions to spark discussion.

For pre-teens and teens

Suffering and Evil (by Scott Petty) — This short book, written specifically for teenage readers, addresses the issue of suffering and evil in our world through looking at the book of Job (and then some New Testament passages). We suggest that parents read through this book with their teenager(s) using the Swedish Method.

Short Steps for Long Gains: Youth edition (by Virginia Grice) — This booklet contains 26 short Bible studies for parents and teenagers to work through together (starting with A for Assurance and finishing with Z for Zeal), each with a quote from a Bible verse and seven questions to spark discussion.

From Sinner to Saint (by John Chapman) — This video-based thematic Bible study explores what holiness is, how it is possible and how God is going to bring it about in our lives. Presented by the irrepressible John ‘Chappo’ Chapman, it is simple and highly engaging. Though Chappo was well into his 70s when this video was made, we had a youth pastor tell us that his kids were enthralled going through this course. Great for a weekly family study!

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