Evangelizing Muslims

Everyday Ministry

I was on the train the other day when I heard a man chanting in Arabic. I thought he must be Muslim, so after a few minutes of building up my courage, I went and said hello. Fortunately for me, he was keen to talk. But what was I going to say to him?

Reaching Muslims for Christ

With so many Muslims living right here in our own backyards, how can we reach them with the saving gospel of Christ? Stewart Binns offers are few ideas.

There are many situations in which you can encounter Muslims: they could be work colleagues, neighbours, strangers in the supermarket or diners at your local restaurant. The more strict Muslim women are easy to spot because of their head coverings; detecting the men may require a little more skill. It is easy when the men are with their wives, when they’re visiting a particular area (e.g. halal food shops) or when their language gives them away. (more…)