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It’s the ‘ism’ that makes all the difference. The ‘environment’ is just all the stuff around us. ‘Environment’ is first recorded in 1830, and comes from the much earlier word ‘environ’, which, in turn, is first recorded in one of Wycliffe’s sermons from 1375. ‘Environ’ comes from an Old French word meaning “that which makes a circuit (or veers) around us”.


Beware that bandwagon

Couldn't Help Noticing, Sola Panel

I love a bandwagon as much as the next man. There’s a certain satisfaction to be gained from jumping on board the happy caravan as it passes by, to the cheers and back-slapping of your new fellow passengers. And as you join in shouting to the onlookers that they should jump on board too, there’s a delicious feeling of belonging to the righteous brotherhood of the truly aware. (more…)

Is God a greenie?


Whose side are you on: the loggers or the greenies? Conservation has become a major political issue. The Green Independents hold the balance of power in the Tasmanian government. As Christians, where should we stand on this issue? Is there a distinctive Christian point of view?