Six tips from an atheist on talking with non-Christians →

Chris Stedman is an atheist, an ex-evangelical, and an assistant chaplain at Harvard. He’s written some advice to Christians who are wanting to talk constructively with atheists about faith:

As someone who lives in the tension of my evangelical past and atheist present, and as someone who maintains abiding and mutually inspiring relationships with Christians, I understand that many of my Christian friends are trying to discern how to navigate these swiftly changing times. And I definitely empathize with their frustrations over the less productive exchanges that often occur between Christians and non-Christians.

I’d like to humbly suggest six ways Christians might have more constructive conversations with non-Christians.

I’m not with him every step of the way, but it’s a fascinating insight into how these kind of conversations are perceived and how they might proceed. Worth a read.

(h/t Nic Swadling)

One thought on “Six tips from an atheist on talking with non-Christians

  1. Thanks – this guy said in places what i think i was thinking after rading yoru recent article on 1 Peter 3 and witnessing.
    The key to witnessing is knowing and therefore loving and liking Jesus and seein Him as “altogether lovely” AND loving and relaxing and enjoying people who are yet to know Him – He will come up – but it will take time, and as i have been chanting for a few decades, we may well need to withdraw form some of our church stuff – We ministers often ask people to evangelise and then frown when they try to take the time to hang with the unsaved – to stay for after dinner drinks etc.

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