Walked up to school with two of the three girls.

Taught Scripture, or helped anyway.

The message was about the Lord Jesus. He has the power even to give sight to someone who is blind from birth. (John 9)

Good to learn, and nice to start knowing the names of some of the children.

Jesus in the video (‘VJ’) was pale, and had big eyes like a pleading labrador as he asked the blind man if he recognized him. He almost cried with relief when the blind man said ‘yes’ and put his hands all over VJ’s face.

Fair enough. Because if I’d been the blind man, I would have kicked Video Jesus in the butt, miracle or no.

Video Jesus, you are a big fat girl’s blouse. We only watched you because it gave us a break from telling the story. You pathetic little man.

4 thoughts on “VJ

  1. Hi Gordon,

    what is the meaning of the expression “big fat girl’s blouse?”


  2. Carmelina, it’s a reference to slightly effeminate or pathetic men who have allowed their sensitive new age guyness to overwhelm any hint of their masculinity.

    So the Jesus in the video, for example, appeared to be wearing pancake foundation but thankfully had refrained from any hint of rouge or mascara.

    Calling a man ‘a big fat girl’s blouse’ is not a kind thing to do. But apologies for any offence that might be taken by girls or blouses, of whatever size, shape, or variety.

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