Youngstown - 5/12/2020

Youngstown - 5/12/2020

The Vine Project Workshop: Sunday Morning Edition 



Most pastors, most churches, and indeed most Christians would not hesitate to agree that Jesus wants his disciples to grow in obedience to him, and to make lots more disciples who do the same. They would even agree (at least in theory) that this is the main thing that we should all be getting on with in our churches.

And yet most would also agree that somehow—in their churches and in their own lives—it’s just not happening as widely or deeply as it should. In fact, many pastors and elders feel that their church 'culture' is a long way from having 'disciple-making' at its center.

Why is the culture of our churches so hard to shift on this issue? And how can we begin to make progress?

We won’t solve everything at this one-day workshop. But we will clarify together the two key factors that will drive a profound change in your church culture—firstly, the core biblical convictions that we must crystallize, teach, fight for, and constantly permeate through every activity of our church; and secondly, the process or framework that will shift the whole culture of your congregation to reflect those disciple-making convictions.

God willing it will be a stimulating and encouraging day. We hope you can join us.

Tony Payne & Marty Sweeney

Key Details:

  • workshops run from 8.30am - 4.30pm
  • registration includes lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments
  • Cost: $99 pp | $69 pp for 4 or more from same church
  • participants will not be expected to have read The Vine Project book, but there will be an assumption that they have had at least some interaction with the ideas of The Trellis and the Vine
  • Workshop Leaders: Tony Payne is one of the authors of The Trellis and the Vine and T he Vine Project . Marty Sweeney is a discipleship pastor and the Executive Director of Matthias Media North America. Together they authored the newly-released The Small Group and the Vine training course.
  • Cancelation policy: Refunds can be requested up until April 10. A refund fee of $20 will be withheld from the refunded amount