Lakeside Bible Church, Canberra

LakesideWho we are

Lakeside Bible Church (LBC) is an independent, evangelical church located in Canberra’s inner south. It was planted in 2010 by Woden Valley Bible Church (now called Southside Bible Church) with the intent of reaching the local community through a Bible-teaching, non-denominational church.

LBC has one service each week, which occurs on Sunday mornings at Narrabundah Early Childhood School. Narrabundah is in an area of Canberra with new families and young adults, which is relatively close to the city and workplaces, while also being close to areas of public housing.

Church services are regularly attended by around 50 adults, 20 children and a number of youth.

LBC is a welcoming church with people of a variety of ages, professions and cultures. Church services are designed to be relaxed and friendly, and have a generous morning tea break in the middle. Services are focussed on the gospel through bible teaching, prayer and fellowship. Sermons typically follow series involving preaching through books of the Bible.

LBC’s values, leadership structure and statement of beliefs can be found at

What we are looking for

LBC is seeking a godly man to replace its current full-time pastor, who has served the church for the past five years. The ideal candidate has a theological degree, and a passion for gospel-focussed preaching, pastoring and community outreach.

LBC suits a pastor with the skills and creative ideas to utilise a small core of dedicated members for reaching out to the people of Canberra. Opportunities for outreach exist in a number of different areas, including amongst Canberra’s large middle class, university students, migrant communities and disadvantaged.

LBC is looking for a pastor who can maximise the potential of the church, and help identify a clear vision for the next stage of the church’s life. The ideal person should be able to develop the congregation, and encourage an every-member-ministry approach to achieving a common vision.

Key responsibilities

  • Oversight of services, small groups, youth and children’s ministries, and church administration.
  • Regular preaching, and organisation of preaching topics and preachers.
  • Ensuring all church members are receiving adequate pastoral care and feel part of the church family.
  • Leading and encouraging all members to grow in their faith and contribute to ministry.
  • Working with the church leadership team (elders) to establish and maintain the direction of the church.
  • Providing vision and leadership for evangelism and opportunities for church growth.
  • Helping the church explore the possibility of joining the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.

Personal and professional requirements

  • A prayerful follower of Jesus, who daily applies God’s word to his personal life.
  • Upholds the Bible as foundational to their faith.
  • A degree in theology and strong Bible knowledge.
  • Personal theology consistent with that of LBC.
  • Demonstrated ability to preach and lead during services, and to teach in smaller groups.
  • Strong leadership and organisational skills.
  • Ability to identify, recruit and empower church members to fulfil ministries appropriate to their gifts and abilities.
  • Ability to pastor and disciple people of different ages and backgrounds.
  • Ability to understand Canberra’s sub-cultures and identify opportunities for outreach and evangelism.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with the LBC leadership team, other LBC ministry leaders and other like-minded churches in Canberra.

To enquire further about this position, please contact Mark Davis on 0406 377 513 or

LBC is hoping to fill this vacancy in late 2017 or early 2018.