You, Me and the Bible

Assistant Pastor/Chaplain

Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW

Trinity Chapel Macquarie | Robert Menzies College

So, you’re browsing the job ads…Could be that you’re finishing up your ministry training soon? Maybe you’ve been in the saddle for a while and it’s time to think creatively about how you can keep loving and serving God’s people? Ok, great. Let’s go.

Trinity Chapel at Macquarie University (TCM) is a unique ministry context. We’re a church with a charter to hold out the gospel to students at Macquarie University. But we’re not just a ‘student’church: we have a full range of people from the local community. I love the retirees who come along because they know that Christians don’t ever truly retire and they want to see students saved. We have young families, young workers. All of us are frail, sometimes curmudgeonly, beautiful trophies of God’s grace.

Our church was established in close partnership with Robert Menzies College (RMC): an Anglican residential college that is home to about 300 students from around the world. The pastoral staff live in the college and share their lives with the students. I am the pastor of TCM, chaplain of RMC, and also serve as the Anglican Chaplain to Macquarie Uni (usually by hanging out with the Christian Union on the campus). This unique combination of ministry contexts means that a decent proportion of our congregation lives together, works together, eats together and gathers together around the word multiple times each week. Our goal in the 3-4 years that we have with the students is to train them in the character and skills to be patient, joyful, hopeful followers of Jesus for the rest of their lives. Under God, we can see our ministry building the worldwide family of God and enabling the gospel to be proclaimed and lived out where it hasn’t been heard before.

Are you interested?

We’re looking for an assistant minister to serve with us 3-4 days per week (with a view to making the position full-time). There are a number of different forms the role could take:

  • an evangelist who lives in the college and seeks to reach the students who don’t know Jesus
  • an international pastor who works to reach and equip the 12,000 international students at Macquarie Uni (not to mention the refugee and migrant families living next door) to know Jesus
  • a families and young-workers minister who will strengthen our ministry to the morning congregation and inspire them with the vision to serve Jesus in our community
  • a women’s pastor who will seek to encourage, train and send our female students in following Jesus.

There are many, many different opportunities and we’re open to prayerfully discussing the final shape of the role with the eventual appointment. The role will commence at the start of February 2015.

The role includes accommodation within Robert Menzies College and the option to eat meals in the RMC dining room. We will remunerate the position in line with the Anglican Church of Sydney’s guidelines for an Assistant Minister.

If you’d like to find out more please contact:

Dan Anderson
Phone: 0438510214
Web: |